Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Episode 2: So.. I can't do math

This tracking my foods thing is easy, but not as easy as I had thought.

I bought this three month planner to keep track of all of my food.  This is what I've eaten today with the corresponding point value and how I had it figured out. I get 45 points a day

0 Banana (power food! yay!) 45 left
6  Lemon Treats (yummy!) 39
8 Cobb Salad 31 (more powerfood!)
0 Grapes from Frank 31
0 Clemintines 31
3 lemon chiffon cookies (sugar free) 28
3 chocolate chip cookies (sugar free) 25
6 wendy's chicken nuggets 19
12 Wendy's homestyle chicken 7
11 Wendy's medium fries -4
3 Wendy's BBQ sauce -7
0 Banana (power food again!) -7
4 chocolate chips -11
1 creme d'menthe -12

So.. 45 + (-12) = 57.  Right? I'm not insane?  But when I put all of this into the food tracker for weight watchers, it tells me that I've used 65.  Huh?  OK.. recalcuate... Still not getting it. Recalcuate again. Hrm..

I'm confused.  So.. look at the meal points...

Breakfast = Bananas, Lemon treats and Cobb Salad.
Lunch = Cobb Salad.. wait.. um.. ok.. my eight points off.. is right there, I'm too much of a math doofus not to see it and I'm stressing over numbers. BAH!

So go back to the tracker, check all the foods, it says I've used 57 points... I'm all right now. Just a little bit of stress, but hey.  I can handle it.  I add in a few of my activity points (6 earned) and that leaves 51.. so I take 6 from my left over weekly allowance of 42.. and I still have 35 glorious points left for the week.

I should take a few of those off, since I decided that my weigh in and meeting time will be on Sundays and I technically started on a Monday, but I'm not going to.

This might be a bit difficult for me to do, what with all the math, but I know I can do this.  It will just take time and patience and the ability to add and subtract numbers.  I can do that (maybe).  I think I just have to be a bit more careful about adding in foods and keep everything in my written tracker (which lets me use my fancy pens anyway), and then add it into the computer tracker every evening.  Then I blog to you fine folks, which really is just for me, since I am writing this mostly to keep track of my journey for myself.  If I happen to inspire anybody on my way through, even better!  I can accept my musey glory, even if it comes in delicious treats.

I know I can't post the weight watcher's recipes here, since they're probably all copyrighted and everything, but any new recipes I come up with that I think are scrumptious will go here with a point value and everything.  Maybe even pictures, but I'm not going to get ahead of myself. Hehehe.. food blog. How awesome would that be. (/me Imagines paparazzi following her around asking her about her latest fabulous low-calorie recipe, NBC on the line to discuss a new hit cooking show, cookbook signing tours.... hey! It could happen!)

The downside of all of this exercise and lower calorie regime is that my energy levels have dropped to seriously declining levels.  I am *exhausted* most of the time... and an exhausted TL is a cranky TL!  So, I am off to curl up with a good McEwan novel and listen to the beautiful voice of my favorite executive transvestite, Eddie Izzard, as he lulls me into hilarous, happy dream filled sleep.

Goodnight all!


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  1. How does one chocolate chip = one sugar free cookie? Also, how do you eat just 4 chocolate chips? You're AMAZING if you can eat only 4 chocolate chips.


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