Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Episode 3: Can't get ahead for being nice

Hehe.. checked out my stats for yesterday... I got a lot of hits, but I think a few of them were me doing the updating and rereading, but I think it's cool that people are actually reading this. I saw a few read from their iPhone, a few using Macs...and one from Germany (/me waves at Morgue, probably).  So yay!


I was sitting on the couch, petting my husband's cat.  She is a beautiful calico who is usually scared to death of me so I was surprised when she literally crawled into my lap and curled up like a ball. I pet her, she seemed interested, and we had a few minutes of bonding time as she cooed in her mewling little purr way.  It was soothing, and I thought maybe she finally was coming around to like me, since AH is so often away lately working hard to earn Christmas money.  I thought, "This is getting good! She likes me". She nuzzled my hand, she rubbed on my arm.  It was really peaceful.

Then, without warning, she turns her head like a freakin' Python  and sticks her teeth into me!  OMIPU!! What a reward I get for being nice to her!  Seriously, his cat is obviously insane.  I swatted her on the behind and she left the couch, and I watched the blood well up from the two snake-like bites that were swelling on my left hand, and it hit me that cats are much like people, at least a lot like the people I seem to come across.

I am a teacher. This isn't a secret. I try to be a nice person, try to help people out, and I am learning that when you are nice and help people, they tend to take advantage of you.  They may not mean to, they may not even realize that they are doing it, but they do... and it sucks!!! They don't say "Thank you" for helping them, or show some sort of reciprocation or gratitude in a kind gesture returned. They don't smile and offer a hug, or even a polite hand shake. Very often, they will say thanks in a half-hearted way and then within the next few breaths, find some way to ask for more help, or find some way to insult you in a way that truly truly hurts.  The little bite marks on my hand today sort of brought that lesson home today.  You try to do something nice for someone, like my cat, and all they do is turn around and bite you in the ass - well, the hand, in my case, anyway.

However, we find our little rewards where we can.  I know that, being on Weight Watchers and all, you're supposed to find rewards outside of food, but I have watched very carefully what I have eaten today.  I ate all of my fruits and veggies, had a nice salad with a light balsamic vinaigrette, and now I have 5 points left for today and 35 points left for the week.  I may treat myself to a cup of ice cream, especially since I have been having a difficult time getting milk products in.  Eventually, I will find a way to reward myself in a way that is not food.  Maybe every time I feel I want to be rewarded with food, I will put a dollar in my piggy bank and save up to buy myself a new pen, or a new bottle of ink... or even an extra large Moleskine soft cover notebook in black (mmmm.. my favorite).

But for now, I feel the need for a nice bowl of ice cream, maybe even 2 servings, just to make sure that I get that extra little bit of milk in that I need (excuses, excuses).  I will curl up with McEwan, finish my point counting and be happy that tomorrow is the last day of finals.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful everything!


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