Saturday, September 24, 2011

Episode 6: Moms are amazing

Went with my Mom and my sister to a jewelry show today and picked up a lovely necklace.  It was very pretty. My niece's mother was hosting and we had fun.  I am also exhausted and hoping to get to bed soon or I am going to fall over, as it was such a busy day.  The jewelry was beautiful, and I felt quite stylish as I played with the jewelry and new ways to wear it, but.. I also felt really really out of place.

Unfortunately, I'm sort of a glass is half empty kind of girl and soouhen I looked around at the people who were at this party, I felt really out of place.  Maybe I was looking for a reason to feel like an outsider, but that wasn't a very difficult thing to do.  It wasn't regionalism, or racism or even classism that made me feel sort of disassociated with all of the women there.. it was Mommyism.

Don't get me wrong! Mom's are wonderful amazing women who, in my opinion, deserve medals for just being there and doing so much for a small life that they are given to protect and cherish.  Mom's have some sort of superpower to hold together everything and not go berserk, especially when you have more than one kid. I realized this today as I watched my sister literally trying to feed her 2 year old macaroni and cheese with one hand and hold a pacifier into the mouth of her one month old with the other hand, completely neglecting, of course, the fact that she had her own meal to eat and was hungry too.

(BTW, Strings Restaurant is pretty good, low fare food, but you really have to watch it, as I literally went over my points by 17 today.  Now I have 14 left for the week, which technically is tomorrow, but since I'm starting my week on Sunday's those points didn't really count.)

Anyway, here I am, surrounded by superwomen at this party of mom's. All of them women from ages 20-59, seemed to have it together and almost all of them had baby stories to tell, or babies in their arms, or funny anecdotes about their babies.  My mom was there too, so she is now basking in grandchild glow with the baby stuff, but she earned it.  So, here I am, standing in a room full of Mommies feeling like Lois Lane at a superhero convention.  It was almost like they were speaking a different language! Some Krytonian dialect that I would only learn once I myself had been added to their League of Superior Women, but I was not one of them.  I did  not have a snotty nose to clean, or a set of lost shoes to find.  And I almost found myself wanting to be one of them.  There is a certain badge of honor that comes with the burping cloth and the diaper bag.  I was in awe of these women.

A child may someday be in my future, but that is not foreseeable.  I'm 35 and I'm barely able to take care of myself.  I think I'll stick with just being a mild mannered English teacher and leave the superhero to the women who can seem to handle everything.

On the weight loss front, I took my measurement's today.  It's sort of a sad state of affairs when your hip measurement is very close to the same as your height.  Not good at all, actually.  I talked to my doctor and he said that I can start exercising any time I want, and now that the threat of the thunderclouds has passed, I think I may start going for a swim once in a while, until the weather forces me inside and to my Wii Fit. :)

Weigh in tomorrow!  I'll keep you posted!

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  1. Teachers also fall into the Super Hero category. I remember how difficult your class could be and I could tell that they were exercising their independence in the absence of their real authority figure, i.e. You.


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