Saturday, October 1, 2011

Episode 12: Energy

Continuing on the same strain as I was writing on yesterday, I was thinking about the childish energy of those tricycling children.  To be able to ride away with the abandon that I watched yesterday, without thought of being hurt and not a care in the world would be so exhilarating.  As I watched them ride, grins of unaware joy on their faces, I wished that I too could be young again, start off life with such enjoyable potential and have that much energy!

Energy is a problem for me.  It comes and goes, but most of the time, because of my weight, because of my hobbies and habits, I am usually on the low end of the energy spectrum.  My favorite past times include playing computer games and reading books.  I don't walk, or do much of anything physical.  My Nintendo Wii goes woefully ignored, though I could spend much time on it exercising.

I know that the equation is often, at least for physical activity, expend energy in exercise and more energy is created.  The more you move, the more you can move and the more you will move.  My body, however, does not believe in that equation.  My body feels that it must store all of the energy that it can and burn it in reading or writing or enjoying the company of others in various virtual realities.

I have tried many ways to increase my activity, and thus, my energy.  I have tried Wii Fit. I have tried Dance Dance Revolution.  I have tried Tai Chi.  None of these seem to fit very well.  To be honest, the only physical activity that seems to rejuvenate my energy levels is swimming.  To feel my body wrapped in water, weightless to the world, and move my limbs through the low resistance exercise makes me feel like one of those children on the tricycles.  It brings a smile to my face, a warm flowing feeling to my muscles, and I feel satisfied.

Unfortunately, my pool is often full of other tenants of my apartment complex, or it is just too cold outside to go swimming.

I need a new way to find energy through exercise. I know I will find one with time, but I also know that I need to start getting up and moving.  It is imperative.

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