Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Episode 20: Anywhere but Here

Ok.. so.. because I didn't exactly make my coffee the right way this morning I am blogging late.  My lesson plans aren't exactly done, since I came home and literally crashed yesterday afternoon for about 3 hours, and my hair is a mess.

I used to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer a lot when I was in college (and I do happen to own the DVDs), and in one episode, I think at the beginning of the second season, Willow and Xander are walking around near the graveyard playing a game of "Anywhere but here".  Fun game and I can think of a few places that fit the bill right now. (Xander was boring and always had the same answer).

I'm tired today down to my bones, and I'm coming down from a 2 week really awesome high.  Fortunately, even though I'm coming down from it, my feet haven't quite hit the ground yet.  Getting back to school is where my focus should lie right now, but life has a funny way of making us wish that we weren't where we actually are.

I listen to Norah Jones.  She has a lovely voice, and most of her songs are pretty well within my range.  She has one, probably her best known one, called "Come Away with Me."  That song has all of my "Anywhere but Here"s right now. ("I wanna walk with you/on a cloudy day/in fields where the yellow grass grows knee high....I want to wake up/to the rain/falling on a tin roof/while I'm safe there in your arms/)  Doesn't that sound nice?

Anyway, school calls and grades are due today.  I think I can get away with watching a movie, perhaps.  I know that none of my students are going to be prepared for class today... I know I'm not.

Hugs and kisses and love to all...


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