Thursday, October 13, 2011

Episode 21: Yogurt and Granola

So, Dannon Light and Fit Vanilla Yogurt paired with Special K Honey Granola is my new favorite breakfast of champions.  Don't get me wrong, I do like to mix it up once in a while and have maybe some Corn Chex or Special K, but the mixture of granola and yogurt gets me every time in just the right place.

I used to not like yogurt at all.  The acidophiles or whatever left a strange taste in my mouth and I also was (and still am) a bit creeped out that there are things *living* in my yogurt as I eat it.  But now those little cultures are like heaven on my tongue, when combined with the crunchiness of really good granola.  The granola I get has honey in it, and is pretty standard.  We went grocery shopping yesterday and passed through the "healthy" food isle, and I was tempted to stop and get some of the different flavored granola, and maybe I will, but not yet.  This is wonderful! (and very healthy.. altogether only about 3 points for the whole breakfast!).  Combined with the Folger's Caramel K-cup, and I'm in breakfast heaven.

I think the root of my sweet tooth goes all the way down to my toes. Total yummy deliciousness.

Work calls, and while I am sort of reluctant to go, I have Prep today. Two hours of time to work on lesson plans and grading, alone in my blissfully quiet classroom.

Have a lovely day all.. I know I started mine out right.

Love and lollipops (and thanks, Dad, for that phrase).


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  1. And throw some blueberries on top! Super food and yummy!


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