Friday, October 14, 2011

Episode 22: Thar she blows!

Ugh.  I woke up at 5:15 this morning, after having tried to snooze myself back into some sort of blissful stasis where I dreamed of (oddly) musicians and puppies.  But the puppies, and the musicians for that matter, were very cute, and I wanted to go back to sleep.  Unfortunately, my allergies really had other plans.

A lot of people have spring, pollen allergies.  AH gets them the worst when the trees behind our apartment (beautiful willows which hang down near the water's edge) begin to blossom their tiny yellow buds.  They spray green pollen everywhere, so much that AH's car will look like it's ready to say "Hulk Smash".  Spring allergies come and go with the season, the flowers closing up and dropping off to leave behind the fruits of summer and the harvest.

My allergies, however, are autumn and winter allergies. And just to be extra fun, they usually end up being spring allergies too.  I'm allergic to molds and dust. (I won't give up bleu cheese dressing though... just sayin'.)  My allergies come in the form of anything damp, which means that when it rains, or gets particularly humid, or even sometimes just a bit cold, my nose starts acting up and I can sneeze upwards of 15 times sometimes.  AH swears I sneeze this much because I don't know how to sneeze properly, but I seem to do just fine.  He will usually say "bless you" for the first 2 or 3, but after the sixth or seventh, he tells me that I'm greedy and I am left to sneeze in peace.  If there was any truth to the rumor that 15 sneezes is equivalent to a heart attack, and sixteen to an orgasm, I would have had many many orgasms.. right after a pretty decent heart attack.  Fortunately, I am proof that none of that is true.  Sneezing just happens... again... and again.. and again.  Blech.

I'm gonna spend a few minutes this morning taking my Friday measurements. AH says it looks like I have physically lost weight, but we'll see.  This has been another pretty bad week for me, what with school starting and the campus cafe making such delicious (and pointiful) lunches.  I need to start bringing my own lunches, making them at home, and planning out my foods for the week ahead of time so that I know I'm hitting my mark and then can have a few extras when I want them.

Ka welo happy.

Have a lovely day!  Love to all

EDIT: After taking measurements, I have lost 8 inches off of my body. I hope it keeps going down.


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