Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Episode 26: Ouchie!

I know I have to start exercising soon and that it will help with my weight loss. I know I should find some way to get at least 20 minutes a day (or even 30) of walking or some sort of activity that I enjoy that will help me move around a lot better.  But right now, walking or any sort of physical activity seems freakin' impossible...mostly because I am in a world of pain.

Admittedly, it is my fault.  AH and I have a lovely Lay-Z-Boy couch.  Very comfy, with two reclining seats, buff furry type of material, and a remote control holder that I made that rarely ever holds remotes.  In fact, I am sitting on it as I blog. But, there is a problem.  I can't sleep on it when I am reclined.. or not very well anyway.  I sleep on my side, usually my right. So I curl up on the couch talking long distance to AM and watch Netflix, all laying down on my right side. (By the way, I wholly recommend Full Metal Alchemist! What a great storyline!) Well, our wonderful couch has wooden partitions between the seats, and my back, right where it hits the partition, is bruised.  It is so bruised that it hurts to touch it and it hurts to move, but no actual bruise shows on the skin.  Grrrrrr. How am I supposed to go exercise if I can't move!  I think I need to find another way or another place to sit if I'm going to be online watching movies and such.

Anyway, a big happy birthday to BD, who is another year older. I hope your day is wonderful!

Anyway, I am off to work! I hope you all have a lovely everything!

Love and Lollipops,


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