Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Episode 27: Techno JOY!!!

OMIPU!! Can it be? I think it may be true.. my phone is updating to Gingerbread, even as I type.  Squeeeee!!!

I'm kind of a techy, at least as far as PCs and gadgety things go.  I don't have a tablet (though I really want one... but not an iPad, I think. I want something Droidy), I never owned a blackberry, but I love technology.  As Eddie would say, "I have techno JOY!"  So when I woke up this morning and saw that my phone was downloading a pretty hefty update this morning, my joy overflowed and now I am sitting here, obsessively watching the tiny screen, waiting to see what my new OS will be like.

Most of my family belongs to the Cult of Jobs.  There were saddened by the loss of their Appley prophet, and cling to their iPhones and iMacs and iBooks like an iAcolyte.  I was saddened by the loss of a man with a vision, but I haven't felt the need to get a Mac.  Sure, some of the software is exclusive and is pretty cool, but I have always been, and always will be..a PC.  I think it is mostly because I know how to fix them, thanks to an ex who trained me well on PCs. I know how the OS works, I know how to work settings and fix things.  I have helped a lot of my friends on their PCs from long distances away because I am aware of what their operating system works and how to help them fix things.

It's not that I don't appreciate Macs. I do. They are a decent system that I don't know how to run very well.  Every time I have touched a Mac computer, I have found the system laggy, the OS a bit confusing, and for some reason, I'm really good at making them crash.   I don't do it on purpose, and I'm pretty sure that The computer would die a horrible hideous death if I tried to fix it, since I don't know anything about the OS or what is going on within the system.

Someday in the future, I may live with a Mac.  When this day comes, I will smile and help set it up, and proceed to never touch that computer as long as I can help it.  I will not be tempted by the shiny gadgetry, or the photo apps, or even the ability to be both a Mac and a PC (Oh.. if Mac software is so awesome, why don't PCs have their own Mac emulator? Oh.. wait.. because we don't need it! :) )  I will sit on the other side of the room with my PC, typing away merrily, smug in the knowledge that I think my toys are better than yours. (Yes, Yes, I know. I am technology prejudiced... maybe even a techno snob. I can live with that).

My phone is updated (it only took a few minutes) and the screen is very pretty. (Oh.. and.. it never crashed while updating either...) It seems almost a bit bigger, which is ridiculous, but I am loving the way that it is streamlined.  I can't wait to really play with it more, but alas.. work calls.

Hrm... no foodie or weight stuff in this blog today, just a girl with Techno JOY!

Hope all have a lovely day!


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