Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Episode 31: Changes

A lot is changing in my life.  My friends tell me that I am looking thinner.  My body feels better. I feel more confident and more alive than I have in a long time.  I am even noticing the change in a place that I never thought to look for change before... My Google Chrome splash page.

For those of you who don't use Google Chrome, it is my favorite browser and I highly recommend it.  It opens up with the tab that has your home page, but if you click on the "new tab" button, it opens up a screen with your most visited pages.  I find this incredibly helpful as I, like probably 90% of the population, have about 5 to 6 websites I visit nearly daily, just to check up on things.  The standards are all there: school website, email, facebook.  But things are changing...

Where I previously had websites of my favorite web comics, pages I would try to visit whenever they posted an update, now my Google Chrome tells me that I am on the Weight Watcher's site more often than xkcd.  In addition to Giant in the Playground, Blogger shows up instantly to remind me that I have a blog post for the day. If you asked me which websites have been replaced, I probably couldn't tell you, which means they probably didn't matter much to begin with.

I need to start finding foods that I enjoy cooking, healthy meals that make me want to prepare them every night. I need to stop stopping at Burger King or McDonald's on the way home from work, but have a solid plan for dinner that I can cook and enjoy and have enough left overs that maybe I would have the same thing for lunch the next day.  I would love to add some foodie pages to my Chrome splash page.. or an exercise website that has Yoga videos.  All of these would be wonderful right now.

Anyway, work beckons. I hope you are all well and wonderful!


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