Saturday, November 12, 2011

Episode 39: Stood Up

OK, so.. I wrote this yesterday morning and didn't finish posting it. Here it is.. and then I'll do my post for today! :)

I got woken up by the wonderful sounds of a text message this morning, which was awesome because the same person texting me was the person I was dreaming about. So Yay!  So now I am up, making apple cinammon muffins which scent my house with their pleasant aroma, and I have a hot cup of my favorite coffee cooling next to me on my keyboard tray.  All is well in the world...


A friend was supposed to come over last night, we'll initial him... CG for Computer Genius.. because he is... and he was supposed to help me fix my router and maybe hang out for a bit.  I've been a bit lonely since AH moved out (who, I guess, shouldn't be called AH anymore, but I can't figure out any other initials for him right now) and the prospect of someone to hang out with was a happy one.  So, I was there, waiting for CG, at 8:45, figuring he would be here, and he never showed up. I tried to contact him a few times, but without response.  Bleh... color me disappointed.  I hate waiting around for someone hoping that they will show up, and not having them be here when I want htem here. It sucks!  That was a nice part of my evening wasted.

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