Sunday, November 20, 2011

Episode 40: Fresh Flowers

Ok.. so.. it has been Waaay too long since I have been here, writing, sitting at my desk.  I should get back on track with this, since the motivation to eat better is here with my friends and family and those who love me.

I bought myself flowers today.  I have been buying myself fresh cut flowers every Sunday for the last two weeks and I plan on keeping it up every Sunday for as long as I can.  I love flowers.  I think that they are pretty.  I probably could have arranged these better, but it is what it is.  I will buy more next week and try to arrange them.

This week I bought myself roses.. hot pink and white roses, which I love.  I bought them because I deserve them, and I also bought them to celebrate the 4.6 pounds I lost this week.  I have lost 5% of my total body weight so far!  ::happy dances::

Sometimes when I buy myself flowers, I like to make believe that they came from someone who loves me. That some romantic guy (ok.. one in particular) has sent me flowers and is thinking about me.  A silly thought, I know. It's a silly thought because someone who does love me has bought them for me. I bought them for me.. and I love me!  (ok. so I'm a bit of a dork too!)

Anyway... I am off to make pumpkin bread today, and clean my bedroom and do laundry and ignore SL a bit and spend time with myself and maybe do some reading and maybe do some writing and maybe just sit and veg and watch movies or Full Metal Alchemist or find a new girly Anime to watch. (Oh.. I *loved* Angel Beats!  Thank you, AM, for recommending it! I send you much snuggleness for the happy Anime watching!)

Dorkness must be gone now. I am happy and busy and I feel really really awesome today.  I hope you all do too!

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