Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Episode 44: How to open a banana

Ok.. so.. my breakfast of late has been some sort of cereal with soy milk and a banana added.  Quite the healthy eater I am, eh?  

Bananas have always bothered me.  They are difficult to open sometimes, and then you get that weird thing where the top of the banana will fall off or become mushy from all of the trying to open the banana at the stem.  Well... I found this tip, I think in Google+ (and if you don't use G+, you should), for opening bananas easier.  So.. here is a tip.

First, don't start at the stem side. Start at the bottom of the banana. This is the new top. It has a tip.. kinda of a squarish roundish bit at pinnacle. Then, pinch the tip until it pops. It will usually split into two, sometimes three sections.  Grasp these sections and pull back and.. Viola!! Opened banana without having to struggle with the stem!

My work here is done.  Enjoy your bananas with confidence and joy... as they are yummy and fruitful! (and 0 points, for those of you following along on the WW side!)

Have a great day!


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