Thursday, January 5, 2012

Episode 51: Ugh!

Holidays are over!  Officially. I'm back at work, life is... going... and I have nearly finished unpacking what I'm going to unpack for now.  It's nice to finally be in a place of my own, but it's also very hard to be alone in a place of my own.  Fortunately... I have things keeping me from feeling TOO lonely. (Oh, and I started to watch "How I Met Your Mother".  Cute show!

So.. yeah.. the Holidays are over, which means that it is time for me to stop eating like an idiot.  I admit, during the move, I kind of became addicted to fast food, as I couldn't really find much of my dishware.  Now, most of it unpacked (I have about 2 boxes of kitchen stuff left to unpack) and then I'm done with that. All of my cooking gear is out.  Not living with a dishwasher is an interesting thing, but it means that I can do dishes and have them put away in 20 minutes instead of the 2 hour dishwashing cycle.  So... yay!

Holidays being over means that I  also need to start getting back into my routines. I need to start going for walks again, need to start doing yoga again (I got to day 12, and stalled for 2 weeks. I think I'm going to start over) and start just moving around more.  My Wii is for more than just watching Netflix! :)  I have Wii Sports (who doesn't?) and Wii Fit Plus.. and both of those are going in my "let's have fun and not just sit around and do nothing in your new apartment" regime.

Now, I'm not saying that any of these is a resolution.  I don't do that.. I don't make resolutions, especially when it comes to life changing things because resolutions NEVER work!  I have made many many resolutions in the past and I have resolved to make myself better looking, take better care of myself (and those around me) and be a better teacher. Each year, I will do pretty well, until the middle of January and then I fall back on old stupid habits.  Well NOT THIS YEAR!!

I am not resolving to lose weight. I am not resolving to cook better. I am not resolving to work out more. I am just going to do it, and make myself a better lifestyle than the one I had, because the one I had had me dying at an early age of some sort of heart or lung condition.

Oh, while I'm talking about food.. and other great stuff.. Check out what I got for Christmas!  Now, when I want pie, it will take me 10 minutes, and I won't have the *entire* pie sitting there waiting for me to eat it... I can make tiny little mini pies of low point goodness. Yay for healthy little pies!

Anyway.. work beckons. I hope you all have a wonderful everything, and I promise to post here more often.  I don't resolve to.. I just will!

Hugs and love...


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  1. Holidays. Yeah, ugh.
    I was at 255.
    Got down to 185.
    Felt okay.
    Experimented with unmanaged eating and easing back on exercise.
    Number went back over 200. By a bit.
    Okay more than a bit.
    Not feeling okay.
    Okay, so I know now.
    And want to get back to where I was, or close to it.
    And stay there.



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