Sunday, March 4, 2012

Episode 55: Renouncing my citizenship

I, ToryLynn, hereby renounce my citizenship to the Fast Food Nation.

AM and I have been mostly avoiding the fast food since he moved out here, and because both of us were not feeling very well, we decided that we would skip making dinner at home (which we have been very good about) and have fast food.  So, we looked through the adverts for something to eat and found that Carl's Jr. had a 2 for $5 deal on Western Bacon Cheeseburgers.  These are awesome hunks of meat topped with bacon, barbecue sauce and an onion ring.  We ordered some criss-cut fries to go with it, and went home.

Now lately, I have been eating a mostly healthier diet: Tortillas with a bit of butter and cheese, Vietnamese soup with vegetables, baked chicken with mashed potatoes.  I hadn't though, however, that I had gotten so far from my former grease laden diet and I thought I would be fine.  I was soooo wrong.

Almost immediately after eating the fast food, wave after wave of nausea flowed over me. My skin felt like I had bathed in bacon grease, and the meat wad that was my dinner weighed heavily in my stomach.  I was not fine.  And then I thought back on what I had been eating lately.  No McDonald's, no Burger King, no Wendy's.  These were all things that had been a staple in my diet and I remembered calling EH very often on my way home and asking what I should pick up on the way home for dinner.  I don't do that anymore. If I call on the way home from work, it is now so that I can tell AM that he needs to get dressed and I'm picking him up to go grocery shopping, or go to the mall for a walk, or we will go out for Non-fat yogurt with some toasted coconut. (Ok.. ok.. so the chocolate syrup is probably not the best thing to add to it, but it's SOO yummy!)  Fast food with all of its grease and carbs and meat wads just isn't something I eat much of anymore.

So, because of this, I am renouncing my citizenship to the Fast Food Nation. No longer will I hold thrall to the  sticky greasy fries and filler packed meat of a hamburger with no vegetables except the rehydrated onions and  pickles.  I will no longer be enthralled by potatoes that have been chopped and drowned in oils and salted to near unrecognizableness.  If I can help it, I will no longer stop off for foods that I know will clog my arteries and raise my blood pressure, and if I do, I will try to make healthier choices and find foods that may actually have vegetables in them and which aren't drowned in oils and salt.

That isn't saying that I am completely giving up on some foods.  KFC, for instance, is always a favorite of mine, but on the healthiness of fast food, isn't all that bad when paired with something like corn on the cob or even mashed potatoes.  I will occasionally enjoy a slushy or even a milkshake.  But I will make better choices.

In other, rather health related news, my blood tests all came back good. No cholesterol problems, no thyroid problems, my blood sugar is within normal limits.  I am healthy, though I am large.  More exercise (Today is my 1000th day of using Wii Fit, though I have large period of non-use, I started using it 1000 days ago and have been at least doing a body test daily for the last week and half or so), less fatty foods and lots of happy  thoughts will keep me living long and healthily.  Won't you all join me?

With love and lollipops,


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