Thursday, August 2, 2012

Episode 63: Return from the Dead

Sorry I haven't been writing.  Real Life has taken over and my head is about to explode.  I've been so busy! Between spending time with AM, quilting classes, watching my nephews and discovering a new me, I am learning that life is not easy, but I am living it.

I've been doing this program called "The Artist's Way".  It has been sucking my time away from me, but it is something I needed to do because it is helping me find my "creative spirituality".   It helps me look at why I am blocked as a creative.  It helps me look at what is keeping me from writing.

A confession:  I haven't really worked on my novel in about... oh... well... 8 months really.  Even this blog, my connection to the outside world, has really sort of gone by the wayside.  I need to get back to it.  I need to start focusing again on weight loss, on exercise, on writing, on growth. I need to start working with my novel again.  I need to grow up. 

I want to be a better person.  I guess it's sort of a "who doesn't?" sort of thing.  Most of us can find some sort of flaw in ourselves.  Going through this Artist's Way program, which is sort of AA for the creative soul, I am looking at my past self.  I am looking at what I want for my future and I'm looking at my dreams, my wants, my needs.  What do I absolutely need in my life to make myself happy in my future?  Is it sugar? Is it electronic gadgets, or my Arc or my fountain pens?

I look at my life and I look at all of the things that I own.  Do these things make me a better person, or are they controlling me and making me unhappy?  Sure, I want a new computer.  Sure I want a new iPad or a new car.  I don't need these things.  I need most of the people in my life.  I need my wonderful boyfriend, my talented Awesome Musician.  I need my family.

In order to ensure that I am around for a good long time to enjoy my wonderful boyfriend, and my family, I need to take care of myself.  This blog is my journey.  I return to it to document my struggle, to reawaken myself to my possibilities and to share my story.

Love and lollipops,


(I used the word "need" 12 times in this post.  Maybe that's telling me what I should be focusing on? heheheh)


  1. Yep. The burdens of everyday life can be tough to manage; more when we over-load ourselves. I've known a few people who've gone through The Artist's Way, and they say similar things about its benefits, and the difficulty keeping up with it—nice work on getting as far as you have. Taking a thorough personal inventory can also be very beneficial, as it's easy, sometimes, to forget the good things in our lives. Also, remember that inanimate objects can't control you, they can only influence you—or something like that.

    The world needs more lollipops, no doubt... [=


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