Friday, January 18, 2013

Episode 69: Oh What a Beautiful Morning!!!

I love mornings like this.  I love these types of beautiful mornings where there is just the thinnest layer of frost on the roof (just enough to leave a white  transluscent layer) and as I walk, the grass crunches beneath my feet in a white layer.  This will all wear off within an hour of the sun rising, but getting to school early enough to see this is stunning. I'm a morning person. Something I do not share with my life partner, AM. He would rather sleep until noon and then stay up until 1 or 2 in the morning. This affords me a few quiet hours on my days off to let me just reset and work... Or to just to sit around watching Netflix and reading, but we all find our happiness in different places. This means though, that I fall asleep at 10ish. If not am not recumbent by 9:30, I get cranky... Like bear coming out of hibernation cranky. AM is patient though, and loves me and so when I get, cranky, he hugs me and tells me he loves me. When I get up tomorrow morning, I am going to wake up happy and alive, get out of bed and be excited to start my day. I will see my students tomorrow after over a week away from them. (I missed them, but you will never hear ever admit it... Much). Tomorrow is going to be a good morning, just like today was a good day. Goodnight, gentle readers. I wish you all the happy mornings to come. Love and Lollipops, ToryLynn

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  1. I always liked walking on the frosty grass, listening to the ice crackling underfoot—the sun's tangerine glow spilling down the foothills and over the rooftops. It's something I only was able to experience in those fleeting, quiet moments before life caught up with the morning.

    Stunning, indeed... [=


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