Monday, May 13, 2013

Episode 80: Days of Rest

AM is sitting behind me, putting his thoughts to music, randomly making up lyrics.  It's amusing and I love him for it. He truly is an Awesome Musician sometimes.

I did plan on writing yesterday, but I think my blog will definitely be taking Saturdays off.  Saturday is usually our day of rest.  We use it to recuperate, go out and do fun stuff, but we don't really do work or do anything seriously stressful to ourselves.  When I was on my 60 day challenge (I'm still trying to find a new one to do), I still had to do Saturdays, but that was just because it was fairly easy.  Now that the challenge is over, I've sort of slacked off, but I have joined Curves and go work out there in the afternoons three times a week.  When I got home Friday night, I blogged about the pain, but it was nothing compared to Saturday morning, when I could barely move to breathe.  It was hard. So, we took Saturday off to rest, relax, recuperate and enjoy each other's company.  Everybody should have days like that.

If you're a Christian, and I know a lot of people are and I respect that faith though it isn't my own, there is a belief that God created the world in 6 days and then took a day off.  I can respect that. I think everybody needs to take a day off every 7 days, though I suppose the actual day of the week is arbitrary. It could be a Wednesday, but I think it's important to rest.  A body needs time to repair the damage.  Tonight, while we were keeping KT company while CG was away, we watched a BBC series called "Eddie Iz Running" about how Eddie Izzard ran a marathon a day for a whole lot of days, travelling around all of the United Kingdom. But even Eddie, who is one of my favorite comedians, took days off to let himself rest.  He ran entire marathons in a day, and it deterioriated his body, but he took that day to rest and repair himself.

We all need days like that. Days to just let go of the week's worries and sit back. Maybe you spend that time reviewing what you did the day before. Maybe you go out to a movie (Gatsby is excellent!), maybe you just curl up in your favorite comfy chair and read and rest and relax.  Don't make meals too strenuous, a salad that you may have in the fridge, or even just grazing on left overs is a good way not to worry.  Leave the dishes in the sink; they can be done when you have the time to work and prepare for the rest of the week  the next day.   By taking the Saturday to rest, we shake off the woes and hurts of the last week and it leaves Sunday to shop, prepare and create for the coming up week, leaving us less stressed than if we were running around on Monday trying to prepare for a week that we aren't ready for.

I love my Saturdays.  I hope you all get your own day of rest.

Love and Lollipops,


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