Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Episode 81: Thing One and Thing Two

My nephews came over today to visit.  That was nice, but wow.. what an eye opener for having kids.  Our apartment wasn't as badly disorganized as I had thought, but I have to really work on getting things put away and organized enough so that I can have a kid of my own someday.  My nephews will forever be T1 and T2 now, from the Doctor Seuss books. It's not that the destroy everything, but they have an amazing curiosity that only comes from being a kid.  "Can I play with that? What does that do? Why does it do that?  How do you make that? Can you help me do that? Why do you do it that way?  How many sticks are there? How many colors?  Can you make me an airplane?"  We had a lot of fun for the hour or so that they were with us and we really enjoyed the time spent with them.  I'm glad I have such wonderful nephews!

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